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“Sleeping Beauty”

Good Night Moon and Runaway Bunny

Sleeping Beauty

Ballet Jörgen, Ontario
Friday, October 2, 2015 at 10:00 am
Grades: 7 - 12

Ballet Jörgen Canada has been honing their talents with classical dance renditions of The Velveteen Rabbit and The Emperor’s New Clothes for the past 25 years. Now they have finally created their own unique version of Sleeping Beauty – presenting its World Premiere right here in Burlington. With a beautiful score by Tchaikovsky, the enchanting story of Aurora and her Prince, complete with its inherently magical qualities and dazzling choreography comes to life. This ideal pairing of fairy tales and dance is the perfect recipe to introduce classical ballet to students.

Note: The performance will be a maximum of 80 minutes in length.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Expressive and interpretive aspects of dance
  • Dance as an interpretation of a literary source
  • Artistic contributions of Canadian choreographers

FREE Dance Outreach
4 Choices-2 FREE

1. Pre Performance Classroom Visit- This personalized classroom visit will help the students prepare for their cultural excursion to BPAC and dispell any myths and misconceptions they may have about classical dance. Discussion topics can be adapted to curriculum and classroom requirements. FREE

2. Post-Performance Talk Back Session- Ballet Jorgen performers will answer questions from the audience and discuss the process of creation, rehearsal and performance; careers of proessional dancers; Canadian choreographers and their work in relation to Canadian dance history. FREE

3. Ballet Master Class- A Ballet Jorgen dancer will teach a ballet class to students. Using CD's, the dancers will take the students through the paces of a traditional ballet class while imparting his or her own personal expertise as a technical dancer. Workshop Fees Apply

4. Repertoire Class- The dancers will take the students through the paces of learning chorepgraphy from the show, applying musicality, personality and precision to their role-thus learnign about the trade of working as a dancer and relling a story with movement. Workshop Fees Apply

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Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty