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“Cat in the Hat”

Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat

Childsplay, Arizona, USA
Monday, February 22, 2016 at 10:00 and 1:00
Grades: PreK, JK- 3

From the moment his tall, red-and-white-striped hat appears at their door, Sally and her brother know that the Cat in the Hat is the most mischievous cat they will ever meet. Suddenly a rainy afternoon is transformed by the Cat and his antics. Will their house ever be the same? Can the kids clean up before mom comes home? A marvelous musical theatre ride through a Dr. Suess classic that will delight young audiences and encourage a love of reading and poetry.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Early literacy and dramatic play
  • Drama forms in live theatre
  • Expression of feelings/ideas using drama and music

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