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Audience Etiquette

(from the Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company, New South Wales, Austrailia)

Watching live theatre is a unique experience, unlike watching TV or a movie. Actors give you a dedicated performance every time and your best behavior is the greatest way to show your respect and appreciation! To make sure everyone in the audience and on the stage has a good time, we ask you to ensure that your students:

Laugh but don’t chat 

  • Listen and don’t text, tweet or call (turn off all mobile devices)
  • Be on the edge of their seat but not in anyone else’s (or the aisle)  
  • Take home a great experience but don’t take photographs
  • Write notes later or they might miss something special
  • Bring a hunger for knowledge but don’t bring food or drink into the theatre 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the students have access to a coat check when attending a performance:
No. Students should keep their belongings with them at all times and should store coats and personal items below their seats.

2. Is The Burlington Performing Arts Centre accessible for students with special needs?
Yes. The entire facility is wheelchair accessible. There are main floor and mezzanine floor wheelchair accessible washrooms. Inside the Main Theatre are designated seats for those with special needs as well as access to hearing assisted devices. Please contact the Education Outreach Coordinator, at the time of booking, to advise us of any special needs.

3. Will my students have reserved seating?
No. Seating is not assigned and is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. We recommend that students and buses arrive no later than ½ hour prior to the performance. 4. Do you accept latecomers? Yes. Out of consideration for the audience, any latecomers will be seated when there is an appropriate break in the performance.

4. Can buses park at the theatre?
No. Due to City of Burlington regulations buses are asked to temporarily park at the north side of the building on Elgin Street for drop off and pick up purposes only. Drivers are asked to remove their vehicles to another location for the duration of the performance.