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The Burlington Performing Arts Centre invites applications and referrals for the position of Executive Director.

Position Summary:

Reporting to the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will be a leader who can inspire The Burlington Performing Arts Centre’s stakeholders to achieve success in its artistic, financial, and audience engagement goals. The scope of responsibility will include maximizing contributed and earned revenue, providing staff leadership and mentorship, leading strategic short- and long-range planning, and cultivating integrated audience and community relationships. The Executive Director will take a leadership role in the community to help development a culturally vital and sustainable local arts community. The position maintains a high professional profile, building relationships that benefit The Burlington Performing Arts Centre in financial support, audience development, and national visibility of The Burlington Performing Arts Centre’s vision and impacts.

Detailed Job Responsibilities

Board Relations

Liaise and communicate regularly with The Burlington Performing Arts Centre Board to best engage their talents and resources, and stimulate their involvement to ensure fiscal health, national and community ambassadorship, and policy governance of the organization.

  • Manage and maintain excellent relations with the Board of Directors to facilitate effective governance.
  • Working with the Board, help identify, cultivate, and recruit Board members, and ensure that Board members are committed and connected to The Centre’s mission and community.
  • Provide stewardship to Board members in effective governance practices.
  • Orient, educate, and engage Board members to maximize their efficacy.
  • Report to the Board on The Centre’s activities and encourage fundraising activities.  Consider all suggestions from the Board regarding operations or programming.

Branding and Institutional Visibility

Further expand the local, regional and national brand image, visibility, and awareness of The Burlington Performing Arts Centre, clearly articulating its mission, vision, programs, and impact.

  • Continue to build and maintain rewarding and high-profile relationships in the local, national, and international performing arts community.
  • Communicate the accomplishments and artistic mission of The Burlington Performing Arts Centre, to the public and to the performing arts industry.
  • Serve as a visible public spokesperson for The Burlington Performing Arts Centre locally, nationally, and internationally.

Revenue Enhancement

Lead The Burlington Performing Arts Centre Board and staff in identifying stakeholders, developing strategies, and defining how key messages will be delivered to individuals and institutions to ensure that contributed and earned revenues meet organizational objectives.

  • Develop the strategies for the organization’s development programs, including its annual operating, endowment, and planned giving efforts.
  • Build relationships with individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agency funders and empower Board and staff to do the same.
  • Collaborate with Development staff in donor identification, prospecting, and stewardship of all fundraising activities with special attention to major gift cultivation and solicitation.
  • Engage with marketing staff to maximize earned income from subscriptions, single ticket sales, and ancillary activities.

Strategic Planning and Operational Implementation

Working with the Board of Directors, establish The Burlington Performing Arts Centre’s artistic, educational and community development objectives with the vision and leadership that ensures the organization achieves its goals for artistic excellence, financial stability, and community impact. 

  • Lead long-range strategic planning and implementation objectives that clearly articulate The Burlington Performing Arts Centre’s future vision.
  • Engage in dialogue with senior staff to effectively manage and evaluate the organization’s human, financial, and technological resources
  • Negotiate contractual matters with artist managements and renters

Financial Management

Oversee the fiscal soundness of the organization with the Board, and guide staff in the preparation, reporting, and monitoring of annual operating budgets with accuracy, timeliness, and a view towards long-term financial stability.

  • Provide excellent financial management ensuring the continuation of fiscal responsibility and sustainability going forward; oversee the development of financial and management reports to support informed and robust Board and executive decision making.
  • Supervise the staff’s preparation of financial projections, monthly statements, and performance budgets for the Finance Committee and Board approval.
  • Identify budget variances and take appropriate action to mitigate the variance
  • Prepare grant applications to both Federal and Provincial governments, and other sources such as private foundations
  • Develop and maintain capital budgets and capital replacement plans
  • Continually identify possible financial saving while still attaining organizational objectives.
  • Promote an entrepreneurial culture in the organization that responds quickly to changes in the environment and seizes opportunities that arise that align with the organizational mission.          


Maintain a collaborative and consensus-built environment of a highly evolved management team with infrastructure that supports guest artists, Board, staff, and volunteers.

  • Attract, develop, and maintain high caliber staff, providing leadership and motivation, and ensure that staff has the support and information they need to make sound decisions; evaluate staff performance annually or more often, as needed.
  • Supervise the administrative planning to ensure the organization is effectively structured and staffed.
  • Nurture a culture of open and honest communication with and between staff, creating a team atmosphere based on trust and cohesion within the organization. 
  •  Recruit, train and supervise direct reports, including establishing individual goals, motivating the team and coaching for improved performance
  • Develop, balance and supervise complex time management and work schedules for the successful operation of the theatre                                                                                                                               

    Programming of the Presenting Series

Ensure that The Burlington Performing Arts Centre continues to present innovative programming of the highest quality, balancing artistic integrity with fiscal responsibility

  • Develop an annual programming plan for each season for the Presenting Series.
  • Develop a programming plan for educational program and dance outreach audience development initiatives
  • Work co-operatively with other presenters to build national tours and foster greater engagement between artists and community

Community Development

Ensure that The Burlington Performing Arts Centre takes a leadership role in the community to develop a sustainable local performing arts community that brings cultural vitality to Burlington.

  • Provide community leadership in the development of municipal cultural policy
  • Nurture the local cultural leadership by supporting and building their capacity
  • Create innovative programs and initiatives to increase performance opportunities for local performing arts organizations at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre.
  • As a community cultural leader, work with other Burlington based arts organizations to create a sustainable and vibrant arts community.
  • Partner with other community stakeholders such as Downtown Burlington, Economic Development, Tourism to maximize the community benefit of The Burlington Performing Arts Centre’s programs

General Operations/Facility Management           

Maintain a technologically advanced, well maintained facility that operates in a safe and responsible manner and provides the highest level of customer service.                                                                                             

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, the media, artists, board members, artist managers, other arts groups, sponsors, educational institutions, volunteers, and the audience.
  • Ensure quality, efficient front and back of house operations in The Centre and on time delivery
  • Support the development, training and maintenance of an effective and motivated volunteer front of house staff including ushers, ticket takers who provide excellent customer service to the public.
  • Direct all aspects of facility management, capital expenditures and proposals and oversee 20 year capital budget plan for the repair and refurbishment of the venue.
  • Develop and maintain a safe working environment by following OH&S and WSIB legislation and safe work practices and work environment at all times.

Factor Specifications


The position manages a staff of full-time staff, part-time staff, and volunteers. This position provides leadership that includes providing for the growth and development of staff and plays a leading role in providing and maintaining a cooperative work environment for all staff.  Management of staff also includes the need to resolve conflicts.  The Executive Director plays a leadership role in the community and acts in a leadership capacity as member and contributor to various arts organizations.  Develops relationships with presenters across the country in order to facilitate and increase touring opportunities for artists.

Decision Making

Management of the day to day operations of the theatre.  Responsible for budget and policy decisions as well as strategic planning.  Both short and long term planning including management of the Capital Budget Plan.  Personnel management that includes matters such as hiring of staff and management of schedules.  Negotiations and contracting with corporations and agencies include decisions regarding artistic merit, performance fees, ticket prices, market acceptance and profit/loss margins.  Research the community in search of compatible partnership opportunities.  Good risk management practices must be in place to reduce liability. Decisions are not exclusively related to one specialized area of expertise.  Decisions are operational or tactical in nature and involve responsibility for deploying available resources.

Results and Impacts

Decisions can have serious impact on operations, employees or finances and have the potential to cause external embarrassment and loss of reputation for The Centre, the Board, and the City of Burlington.  There is also a potential for board or personal liability if contract errors are made or if there is a breach of confidentiality.

Knowledge and Skills

Incumbent must have good analytical, financial and organizational skills, working knowledge of financial statements and budget application as well as the ability to write and prepare comprehensive grant applications and final reports. A comprehensive understanding of personnel management, employee relations and conflict resolution is necessary.

The work requires a detailed knowledge and understanding of all performing art genres, technical theatre operations, and industry standards.  Also required is a basic knowledge of immigration and customs regulations.  Requires strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Must be a masterful relationship builder and industry professional with existing networks within the Cultural sector.

Interpersonal Skills

The work requires a high level of interpersonal skill and diplomacy to interact with a variety of clients in addition to the incumbent’s own staff.  This position is responsible for nurturing partnerships with local businesses in our community.

Working Conditions

In order to realize the maximum potential of The Centre, an inordinately high level of stress is encountered.  Decisions are frequently of a critical nature and need to be made instantly; hours are irregular and days as long as 12-16 hours can be worked over an extended period of time.  The position requires a level of travel that takes them away from office and home.  


Other Information and Application Process: 

Salary commensurate with experience.  Excellent benefits package. Interested candidates are invited to submit a letter of interest, resume, contact information, and list of references by Friday, June 26th in confidence to:

Only applications being granted an interview will receive a response.